Spanish/Mediterranean Buffet on Friday!

This friday we are having a Spanish and Mediterranean food buffet! I am really excited, lots of stuff new to me! Unfortunately, I will be serving in the dining room, no cooking. But, if you are interested, this is a good time to come, because then I may actually be able to spend some time with you!

Seating is at 5:30, and it is best to get there right away, we actually filled the dining room last week and there was a wait. Cost is $10 and kids are free.

Tentative menu:

Grilled flatbread with lemony hummus
Stuffed grape leaves
Chicken empanadas with chorizo
Grilled lamb skewers with Romesco sauce
Fig and goat cheese crostini
Tunisian couscous salad

Beef Pastitsio
Risotto-style Paella with sausage, shrimp and clams
Salmon with fennel and Ouzo sauce
Baked penne with roasted cauliflower
Moroccan spiced crab cakes with cilantro-orange sauce
Bacon and caramelized onion potato croquettes
Roasted red pepper and goat cheese potato croquettes
Grilled asparagus and scallions

Almond pound cake with fruit
Lemon mousse
Chocolate honey dome

Saint Paul College
City View Grill
235 Marshall Ave
St. Paul MN 55102

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